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The Belknap Mill Society is dependent in part on the generosity of its members and patrons for support.
We have a 190 year old building to maintain in addition to all the programming we provide the community.

Tax deductible

The Belknap Mill Society is a 501.c.3 charity and your donation is tax deductible.

Funds and Naming Rights

We currently have both a preservation fund and a children's wherein all monies are dedicated exclusively to those purposes.
If you are interested in contributing to one of these funds or establishing another please contact our director.
Naming rights for certain rooms or events are available please contact our director.


What better way to leave a timeless legacy than to provide for the Belknap Mill through your will or estate.

IRA Charitable Rollover

After the age 70 1/2, you may have a manadatory annual taxable payout from your IRA. If you meet the qualifications, this annual payout may become exempt by having it automatically transferred to a 501(c)(3) charity like the Belknap Mill.
Your tax accountant would be able to advise you on the conditions and procedure to make this happen.