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Answers to Be A History Detective Questions:

  1. What kind of job did Alphonse Morin have? Why do you think so?
    Answer: Alphonse Morin was an office worker. He is wearing a suit and he is working at a desk.
  2. Name 15 items that you can find in an office today.
    Answer: Light bulb, window, window shade, file cabinet, picture, desk, paper, table, telephone, calendar, pencil sharpener, pen, paper weight, waste basket, and a chair.
  3. What are the sources of light in this room? How many can you find?
    Answer: There are 2 sources of light: windows and electricity. There are 3 windows, 2 lamps with light bulbs and 1 bare light bulb.
  4. What could Alphonse Morin use to write letters? Why do you think so?
    Answer: He could use a pen. He holds a pen in his hand. He could use a pencil. A pencil sharpener is located on the wall by his arm. He could use a typewriter. A typewriter is located in the lower right corner of the photograph.
  5. What is missing from this office that you would see in an office today?
    Answer: Computer, clock, copy machine, and fax machine.
  6. Do you think the picture was taken in the summer? Why?
    Answer: The picture was not taken in the summer. Alphonse is wearing a jacket. The windows are shut. The fan is not being used.
  7. Take a good look at the calendar, located on the wall next to Alphonse. When was this picture taken? If you can't make it out, click on the photograph below for a close-up view.
    Answer: The month and year are September 1918.
  8. How is his office different from an office today? Find seven items that you would not usually find in an office today.
    Answer: 1) adding machine, 2) radiator, 3) fan, 4) old type of phone, 5) bare light bulb, 6) inkwell, 7) typewriter.

    Click on the photograph to see it larger.

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This page was written by educator, Chris Lewis, with funding from the Institute of Museum & Library Services. It is loosely based on records of the LaPlante family, who moved from Sainte Perpétue to Franklin about 1903. The images are from the Morin Collection, Belknap Mill.

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