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Answers to From Montreal to Laconia by Rail Lesson Questions:

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Answers to From Montreal to Laconia by Rail Lesson Questions:

  1. What are the two directions the trains ran from Laconia?
    Answer: The trains ran north and south.
  2. Name the seven cities that were destinations.
    Answer: The seven cities are Dover, Old Orchard, Plymouth, Montreal, Boston, Franklin and Laconia/Lakeport.
  3. If you traveled by train on a Sunday from Laconia, where could you go?
    Answer: You could go to Dover, Old Orchard, Plymouth, Montreal, Boston or Franklin.
  4. What train left Laconia to go north at 8:21 p.m.?
    Answer: The Canon Ball.
  5. What train left Laconia to go south at 7:05 p.m.?
    Answer: The Sleeper.
  6. What do the following words mean: “Express”? “Sleeper”? Today, “Accommodations” mean lodging. In 1915, it meant the opposite of “Express.” Define “Accommodation” in 1915 terms.
    "Express": a train with one destination. It reaches the destination faster than others because it has no additional stops along the way.
    "Sleeper": a train with an overnight destination and accommodations for sleeping while traveling.
    "Accommodation" a train that stops at several train stations to pick up and deliver passengers along the way.
  7. If the Bedards traveled at night, what kind of railroad car do you think they road in? Why?
    Answer: They rode in a sleeper so that they could sleep through the night while traveling.
  8. If the Bedards left Montreal for their 5-hour trip to Laconia just before midnight, when would they arrive in Laconia so that other passengers could take the train into Boston?
    Answer: 4:30 a.m.
  9. The Truland Brothers Printers at Casino Square in Laconia printed this schedule. What is Casino Square called today? Where is it located?
    Answer: Normandin Square. Normandin Square is located at the intersection of Union Avenue and Church Street.
  10. Where is the train station located in Laconia today? How is it used today?
    Answer: The train statesion is located at Veterans Square at the junction of Church Street, Main Street, Pleasant Street and Beacon Street West. The railroad station is now a retail outlet containing offices, a florist shop and a restaurant.

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