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Answers to Paul and Angelique Pack for Laconia:

  1. What reasons did the Bedards give for going to America?
    a. They wanted to be in a place where they could earn a living and feed the family.
    b. It is also possible they wanted to live in Laconia, where Antoinette's cousin lived.
  2. Cousin Paul wrote about his life in Laconia. How would living in a village or town be different from living in a city?
    Answer: Cities have more jobs, houses, stores, banks and churches. In 1914, villages had many more horses.
  3. What was Paul's favorite item? Why were the aprons so important to Angelique?
    Answer: Paul's favorite item was a small wooden box. Angelique's aprons were made by her grandmother, Meme. The aprons reminded Angelique of Meme.
  4. How many years ago did Paul and Angelique make that trip?
    Answer: Paul and Angelique's trip was made in 1914. 2005-1914=91 years ago.

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